Iife Internation school
Group 10, Mondul 03, Sangkat 02, Krong Preah Sihanouk Sihanouk Province, Cambodia


Life International School was established to educate Cambodian students with the truth and love of God so that they can love their neighbors as themselves, have respect for their parents as the Bible says, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Christian community and the national economy of Cambodia.

As a Christian International School, we know the success of our institution depends on our humble obedience to God, who has called us to this mission.

Life International School exists to build a better quality education for Cambodian youth through Christian education. Everything we do is designed to develop Christ-centered knowledge with values and skills essential to impacting Cambodia and the rest of the world today and tomorrow.

As the number of students increases, so has the demand for our visionary mission. This demand for nurturing and qualified professors and modern facilities will be met with the help of our prayers, donors, sponsors, and supporters, so that everything done at Life International School will prove the work of God within us.

Please keep paying attention to our constant growth and development. May the Lord’s grace and peace be with you all.

From Life International School,

Rev. Dr. David Koo (Kyen Hoe)